Leading manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly  chemicals bacterial, probiotic, and enzyme products for the major property, facilities management, cleaning, hygiene, food processing, restaurants, chemical industries  and distributors in South Africa.

Ecozyme manufactures bio-enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning products for the major property, facilities management, cleaning, hygiene, food processing, restaurant chains, chemical companies, as well as smaller distributors and companies in South Africa.

We are unique in South Africa to manufacture natural superior bacillus based bacterial strains from start to finish, completely avoiding importing these raw material components. Our bacteria therefore have a massive home ground advantage allowing them to metabolise faster, reproduce quicker, degrade waste more efficiently, and survive longer.

We add real value by avoiding costly and fluctuating exchange rates, ever increasing shipping costs while avoiding the huge carbon footprint of imported products. How green is a product really if it is imported from the other side of the world? This also now means going green does not cost more.  

Our eco friendly chemicals are critically EDTA free unlike most of their imported counterparts, and are much kinder to the environment. Our products are on the very cutting edge of global science and biotechnology ensuring the highest efficacy, and best results at the lowest costs when compared to traditional harsh chemicals.

Ecozyme places the absolute highest emphasis on ethical business, service delivery, client service, continued staff training, free and ongoing on-site problem solving, all as part of our regular client service.

Ecozyme has a national footprint with offices and warehousing in Cape Town and Durban, in addition to our head office in Johannesburg.

Ecozyme eco friendly cleaning products and chemicals carry the coveted Eco Choice logo from the Heritage Environmental Programme based in South Africa. Our products are locally audited as opposed to attempting to use the raw material eco logos of imported raw materials, and are manufactured according to the highest international standards while having no negative effect on the environment.

Ecozyme manufacturing technology also creates local jobs and assists with the trade deficit, while addressing key national priorities of socio-economic improvement and sustainable environmental preservation.

We thank you for affording us the opportunity to introduce Ecozyme, and look forward to demonstrating to your organization why we are the leading expert in our field of expertise, and of being of continued assistance to you in the future.

We are committed to the continuous research  & development required to manufacture green solutions in South Africa supporting our local economy and industry.

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